Lizzy Borden Joins Shitty Version of Motograter

Okay, Lizzy Borden didn’t really join Motograter. But we can’t help but think that maybe his latest video was somehow inspired by the group? HAHA He’s dropping his first new album in 11 years and just released a new video for the track “Long May They Haunt Us” which can be viewed HERE.

Speaking of Motograter… have you seen what’s been going on with the band? It’s hard not to think that maybe Karma has come for their guitarist Matthew “Nuke” Nunes… As you may have seen recently, the band was making a MASSIVE comeback. They had a solid lineup, recorded an amazing album, were on the billboard charts, released a badass music video, and completed a bunch of insane tours. Then… Nuke went back to all his old habits that have held the band back in the past.  You can read about it below:

Ex-Motograter Drummer Blasts The Band’s Guitarist For Alleged Drug Abuse And Violent Behavior

Motograter Allegedly Replaced Their Bassist Without Telling Him

Motograter Lose More Members

Apparently somebody REALLY doesn’t like what is going on and made a video explanation of the current situation:

It appears the guitarist, Matthew “Nuke” Nunes also went to jail on this tour and the band was forced to cancel shows. The band tried to claim they had vehicle issues, but later Nunes was bragging about being in jail on social media:

Oh, and they wrecked their trailer… more Karma?



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