Masked Metal Mayhem Vol 1. | Bands That Wear Masks and Paint

Masked and Painted Bands

Zombie Shark Records and oNe maN Worldwide present the ‘Masked Metal Mayhem’ compilation featuring Motograter, Anti-Clone, Blue Felix, Amerakin Overdose, Underlined, Darkc3ll, The Convalescence, Thira, ELETE, Seven Days Lost, Mettal Maffia, PinHed, DiM., SYKOSIS, Apathy Syndrome, Natas Lived, Americaust, Psykotribe, and Harvest The Flesh.

The ‘Masked Metal Mayhem’ compilation is available for streaming and download at

Zombie Shark Records is the brainchild of Noah “Shark” Robertson, drummer for Motograter and ex-member and co-founder of The Browning. Robertson has partnered with artist Wolf Krusemark, known for his cartoon, comic book, and horror art creations; which can be viewed at The label will focus on shock rock, alternative metal, industrial metal, nu metal, and hard rock.


1. Motograter – “Wrong”

2. Anti-Clone – “Astaroth”

3. Blue Felix – “In The Mirror”

4. Amerakin Overdose – “I, Alone”

5. Underlined – “Because You Were Home”

6. Darkc3ll – “The Un-United”

7. The Convalescence – “Reflections”

8. Thira – “Good Morning My Name Is John”

9. ELETE – “Shutup and Row”

10. Seven Days Lost – “Whiskey and Gasoline”

11. Mettal Maffia – “Wake The World”

12. Pinhed – “The End of Life”

13. DiM. – “Boomstick”

14. Sykosis – “Hollow Secrets”

15. Apathy Syndrome – “Blind Eyes”

16. Natas Lived – “Silencing the Lamb”

17. Americaust – “I, Surrender”

18. Psykotribe – “Vengeance”

19. Harvest the Flesh – “Play Dead”

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