Nu Metal Is Back With A Vengeance! Not Rotting In Vain…

Nu Metal. Simultaneously, one of the most notoriously despised and widely praised sub-genres in all of metal. There are some who will argue until their last breath, that it isn’t metal at all. Others say it was just a term generated by the media. Love it or hate it, it was one of the biggest movements to happen to the metal genre EVER and it is responsible for shoving metal music into the mainstream, front and center. There are plenty who claim Nu Metal died long ago, but it’s a hard point to argue when bands like Korn, Slipknot, Sevendust, Deftones, Disturbed, Linkin Park, and so many other bands that were lumped into the Nu Metal category, have been dominating the charts for close to two decades.

With the rise of the -core bands, we experienced a dramatic shift away from the ‘New Wave of American Heavy Metal’ days, however now that the fad has run its course and has exhausted every possible ‘breakdown’ – we begin to see Rise Records-esque bands sounding a lot like… well, Nu Metal. Many of these bands are moving away from their Death and Metalcore influences, and are beginning to show more of a pop influence. The heavy is still there, but it’s a different realm, a different vibe. You can especially see this with bands like Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice and Men, The Word Alive, etc. Chuggy, staccato riffs with a metal edge meets soaring clean choruses and a pop sensibility (And usually some electronics blended in). Other bands like Cane Hill, King 810, and My Ticket Home are exploring the heavier side of Nu Metal… But it’s all starting to sound like Nu Metal to me. We’ll call it New Nu Metal or Nu Metalcore…

Nu Metal is hard to put into a box though. When it started, the term Nu Metal was reserved for bands who were mixing metal with other styles and genres of music, such as funk and hip hop and electronic music. This made it far more accessible and Nu Metal began to attract non-metal fans, who wouldn’t have normally listened to anything labeled ‘metal’. For some reason, the accessibility that took Nu Metal straight to the top was the very thing that brought it back down, if only in the eyes of metal purists and anti-anything-mainstream types. It gave metal-heads everywhere a bad taste in their mouth, and sparked a backlash within the metal community. Metal had always been an underground movement, that shied away from the spotlight. The cult-like following metal has is like no other genre of music. It has become a culture, a way of life. The fans that love it so, take great pride in, and ownership of, the metal label. When their beloved metal music was suddenly being mixed with funk, hip hop, and pop,  enjoyed by the world over, taking over the airwaves, it caused outrage. Some bands fought the title tooth and nail, others embraced it. Other groups were labeled Nu Metal by the media, simply because they were around during the time of the Nu Metal boom and happened to be popular; some of which don’t really fit the criteria at all. It has sort of been stretched into a blanket term that encompasses a lot of hard rock and pop rock. It became so huge it collapsed in on itself.

I don’t think Nu Metal ever really went away. I think the term Nu Metal just became too broad, and carried too much baggage. There was so much good and so much bad, it was hard to process it all. Whether you prescribe to the beliefs that Nu Metal died long ago, never to be remembered… or you are a die-hard fan, for whom which Nu Metal shall never be forgotten… it doesn’t matter. 2016 is THE YEAR for Nu Metal’s triumphant return! The sheer amount of proof I have compiled is staggering. Below I have provided evidence of the Nu Metal resurrection, in all it’s glory! Get ready to have your mind blown, repeatedly, during which you may continuously ask yourself, “What year is it again?”

Behold, the Nu Metal Apocalypse is upon us! (Click the many links, pics, and videos below)


New Korn Song “Rotting In Vain”!

Brian ‘Head’ Welch: New Korn Album Gets ‘Back to Basics’ With ‘Most Intense Music in a Long Time’

Korn played a new song “Rotting In Vain” at Chicago Open Air and Jonathan Davis is scatting again!

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor will guest on Korn’s upcoming 12th album, Korn’s Munky says Slipknot’s Corey Taylor “lets loose”.

Coal Chamber released a new album recently, but have since ‘blacked out’ their Facebook page… wonder what it means?!

Coal Chamber

Coal Chamber Black Facebook

Ozzfest is back and Disturbed is performing… Oh, and of course Knotfest is headlined by the one and only, Slipknot.

Ozzfest Knotfest

Linkin Park

Linkin Park

Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit

Hed PE album drops 7/22/2016

Hed PE

Nonpoint has a new album out!


40 Below Summer is back playing shows in July 2016.

40 Below Summer

Slipknot and Manson are touring together… with Of Mice and Men.

Slipknot Manson

Manson just announced a new album! 

Dope, Flaw, and Motograter are touring together! All three bands have a new album coming out!

Dope Flaw Motograter

New Dope Music Video for ‘Blood Money’


Motograter Desolation

 Adema is back at it again!


American Head Charge has a new album out! Tango Umbrella is here!

American Head Charge

Trapt, Saliva, Alien Ant Farm, Crazytown, 12 Stones, and Tantric are touring together… Holy shit?! What?!

Trapt Saliva Tour

Deftones are back with an amazing new album, ‘Gore’! 


Fear Factory, 20th Anniversary of ‘Demanufacture’ Tour! Performing the album in its entirety!

Fear Factory



Ill Nino toured with Boba Flex recently.

Ill Nino Bobaflex

Cold is stirring… The singer has posted a heartfelt message to the fans on Facebook… 


Drowning Pool have a new album out, called ‘Hellelujah’. Raise your hand if you’re a sinner! 

Drowning Pool

Ryan is back with Soil.


Dry Kill Logic have hinted at stuff and things… 

Dry Kill Logic

Kittie is releasing a Career Spanning Documentary. 


Still waiting on this one… Come back Mudvayne!


Members of Mudvayne have a new band called Audiotopsy! Check it out!

Otep has a new album out.


Papa Roach

Papa Roach

Powerman 5000 are working on new music.

Powerman 5000

Project 86 has launched a new album campaign.

Project 86

Slaves on Dope have a new release coming up. 

Slaves On Dope

Skinlab has new music.


The Union Underground

The Union Underground

Mushroomhead are still goin’ strong!


The Nu Metal Revival is Real! Did your head explode? Have you busted out your old JNCO’s yet? Did you change into an Adidas track suit while reading this article? This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. I’m just scratching the surface here. I’m curious to see where it all goes. Will Nu Metal reign supreme once again? We will have to wait and see…

Here’s some Nu Metal Revival/New Nu Metal/Nu Metalcore stuff for you to check out:



The Word Alive

Of Mice and Men

King 810

Bring Me The Horizon


Upon A Burning Body

My Ticket Home

Cane Hill


Terror Universal


Gemini Syndrome

– Article by Noah “Shark” Robertson

Nu Metal Is Back