Nonpoint New Album and Tours



Amazing shot by the very talented Harry Reesenonpoint2

Nonpoint fans! The band is recording a brand new album for Spinefarm Records!

Singer Elias Soriano is pumped about the album. He has stated the band will be entering Uptown Recording Studio in Chicago to self-produce the album along with Rob Ruccia. The frontman detailed the band’s progress thus far, saying, “We’ve got 16 [songs] ready to record, and three still in the works. So we will be choosing the record from a list of what we feel are all monster songs. Quite simply, if you thought the last record made your head bang, this record will make it roll off your shoulders and jump into the pit and start doing the Morning Star; old hardcore fans will translate that for you.”

Soriano also sung the praises of their newest guitarist BC Kochmit and said, “This record is the product of pain, frustration, power and the environmental influence on this band. That, mounted with the introduction of BC [in 2014] on guitars, now has changed the game. Imagine feeling like Eddie Van Halen‘s illegitimate child just joined your band. That’s how I feel with him on my right. So this record will no doubt be a beast for our fans.”



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